Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Search for the World's Greatest 3D Animator Begins

The Musion Academy – What is it?
Musion has always been keen to foster relationships with academia and the general public. The Musion Academy is the institutionalized forum for students, artists and people from the creative industries to create holographic projection, live stream content and engage with the Musion technology in their own creative field. Everyone that is interested in this technology is invited to partake in Musion Workshops – designed to explain the technology and to enable YOU to explore your creative potential.

Musion Academy Workshops – free and open to anyone
The Musion Academy allows you to learn about the past, future and present of Musion as a creative technology tool, a holographic projection technique,a live-telepresence vehicle and a new medium.Investigate your own visual style, learn about the do’s and don’ts of the medium and create your own content – your own visual language, your own Musion hologram.

The workshops are organized in theoretical and practical units over the course of two months and shall give you the technical framework and creative know how to enable you to come up with your own ideas. Guest lecturers will report on aspects of the medium, and a peer review discussions will allow you to reflect on your own progress in developing content. Explore what it takes to create holographic illusions, stage varieties and real time 3D effects in the performing arts.

Call for Experts
If you are a representative of an academic institution engaging with 3D Visualisation please feel free to contact us any time.

As an academic institution, you are the perfect counterparts forengaging in a dialogue on new media and its creative and educational potential.

We organize free workshops to explain thetechnology - workshops that will ultimately enable you to adapt anddevelop the system, to discuss it and work with it creatively. Feel freeto offer our workshops to your students. Any participation is more thanwelcome as you, your colleagues and your students are the experts thatwe would love to work with. Please contact the Musion Academy any time to arrange for a meeting on future cooperation:

Musion Academy Competition
The Musion Academy hosts a contest to appoint the most creative talent in holographic projection. This Open Call is direct towards all those interested in creating their own holographic projection, working with the Musion Media, and developing their own content. The Musion Screen is a 3D Media platform that allows you not only to visualize 3D content but further more to play with it, interact with it – on stage and across the globe. The Musion Academy is looking for outstanding talent to conceptualize and create 3D animation holographic projection.

Outstanding talent is to be found in the following categories:
Character design of an Endangered Species
Musion content to support UK number one single 1968 -2008
Narrative short stories
Performing arts and dance
Corporate logos

The winners will be rewarded with various high-end AV prizes and other trophies to be announced in the upcoming weeks. The Musion Academy is the framework for young talent to explore all the possibilities of 3D design and 3D animation, 3D telepresence and stage design. The Workshops will help you to manifest your visions, to sharpen your holographic expertise and to work with the new media. The Academy will support you in your own creative attempts and reward excellence and outstanding achievements.

Workshops will start beginning of October 2008.
Musion Competition will review the first contestants end of November 2008.
Winner to be announced at the beginning of next year.

Check out http://www.musion.co.uk for further information.

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Bacardi Holographic Event featuring Groove Armada

When the Bacardi sponsored Groove Armada tour came to the Velodrome in the Athens Olympic village; 3000 revellers were treated to a spectacular party featuring great music, free flowing Bacardi and a dazzling live DJ set by Groove Armada supported by virtual holographic dancers on stage courtesy of the Musion Eyeliner System.

Check out http://www.musion.co.uk/ for further information.

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