Monday, 12 January 2009

Musion's Hologram featured on BBC Click

Musion Eyeliner Holographic Projection technology updates a 120-year-old magicians' illusion called Pepper's Ghost which wowed Victorian audiences. It showed ghostly apparitions on stage which were made from the clever use of mirrors and light to project an image seemingly into thin air.

This concept has been updated by 21st Century high definition (HD) projectors and cameras, allowing company bosses and entertainers to deliver live 3D-looking speeches.

Ian O'Connell from Musion Systems said the technology developed thanks to HD video was becoming more popular and accessible.

"The brightness of HD projectors today gives you something that's far removed from the original ghostly effects. It creates something more akin to a virtual image, some people perceive it as a hologram, but in actual fact it is more accurately known as a virtual image," he said.

Video copyright BBC News.

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