Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Pixie Lott Hologram Performances

If the thought of ogling Pixie Lott or getting up close and personal with Tinchy Stryder without the intervention of bodyguards excites you, hologram gigging could be the future.

Orange and 4Music have recorded exclusive performances from Lott, Stryder and N-Dubz and loaded them up to a special holographic stage to take them on tour across the country.

These first ever multi-artist hologram gigs kicked off at Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex at the weekend and hits other cities up and down the land over the next month. The shows run every 20 minutes and no ticket is required.

The technology works by projecting high-definition video images integrated with computer-generated effects to create a 'google-free 3D' effect. The theory is a 140 year old stage trick performed in 1862 by Professor John Henry Pepper, who created an illusion by using a large pane of glass. Set at a 45-degree angle, it reflected brightly lit objects out of view of the audience and superimposed them on stage.

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Blogger vincentedd said...

It's time to look for ways to use this technology in making feature movies, I'm going to try to contact Steven Spielberg about it, guys in Hollywood will be interested.

11 March 2012 at 11:33  
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