Friday, 23 October 2009

Musion Implements World’s First ‘Virtual Tour’ to Present Tokio Hotel as 3D Holograms

Musion Partners with Universal Music and the Media-Saturn Group in Major Retail Digital Signage Innovation

Musion, the exclusive master global Licensor for the Eyeliner™ system, today announced that its patented holographic technology is behind the world’s first ever ‘Virtual Tour’, which transformed footage of major award-winning pop-rock band Tokio Hotel performing live, to present them as 3D holograms to thousands of their fans in music retail outlets throughout Europe. This collaboration which allowed the band to perform in person virtually to numerous local crowds over a tight timeframe of three weeks was managed and delivered by Musion and Media-Saturn Management.

Media Markt, one of Media-Saturn’s consumer electronics retail brands, hosted the eye-popping 3D holographic tour in 13 of its stores across seven countries in Europe, and these events have been a resounding success scoring hundreds of thousands of hits on YouTube. Additionally, this is the first time that Universal Music Group, the world’s leading music company, has partnered on a Pan-European level with a traditional retailer to promote a priority act.

Romain Delnaud, Director of Operations, Commercial Affairs, at Universal Music Group International, commented: “By transplanting innovative AV technology into a physical retail space, Musion enabled us to create a Tokio Hotel universe within each store. As the tour draws to a close today, we can already see the fantastic results, with audiences of up to 700 fans at each store, and know that we have accomplished our aim of supporting the traditional retail landscape which still continues to stand as a key player in breaking new acts on an international scale.”

A key concern for any indoor event, corporate and consumer alike, is the health and safety of electrical hardware, and this was passed with ease thanks to Musion’s Eyeliner™ Flame Retardant (FR) Foil, which is the world’s only optically clear flame retardant foil to comply fully with current UK, US and EU Health and Environmental regulations to B1 class.

Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion, commented: “We have witnessed the growing popularity of Eyeliner™, which is based on an historic Pepper’s Ghost stage trick, and the high volume of fans in attendance at the Tokio Hotel gigs is testament to the status of holographic telepresence as a fantastic new video medium. With rising crowd numbers, it is now even more of a challenge to comply with crowd health and safety regulations, which is why we’ve spent the past 15 months developing the world’s first and only flame retardant foil to meet international standards.”

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