Monday, 2 February 2009

Musion Holographic TelePresence featured on CNN Business Traveller Channel

Don't miss Musion on CNN Business Traveller through the month of February 2009.

Virtual reality: Corporate travel budgets have been cut back. If senior executives are downgrading, middle management and lower aren't travelling at all and are video conferencing instead.

There have already been incredible technological advances in video conferencing through tools such as telepresence that brings breathtakingly-real images of people into rooms via plasma screens.

Musion has now developed an even better solution: holographic conferencing. Richard Quest interviews Ian O'Connell about the new system and how it will offer solutions to business travellers.

Show Times:
Wednesday 11th February 2009: 09:30, 18:30
Saturday 14th February 2009: 08:30, 1900
Sunday 15th February 2009: 05:30, 1830
Monday 16th February 2009: 04:00

(All times GMT)

Check out for further information.



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