Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Musion TelePresence Launch - The On-Stage Live Experience

On Wednesday 12th November 2008, Musion’s very own Telepresence system orchestrated a show stopping Star Wars style holographic communication in real time between London and Berlin for the BlachReportDialog, a German live communications conference.

Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion Systems appeared as a life-size holographic projection transmitted from a studio in London to a live audience in Berlin. The reaction from the audience was over whelming, after the presentation leaders of the German communication industry swarmed the stage to get a closer look at the technology. RTL, Germany’s leading commercial television station, got so excited at the afternoon rehearsal, they sent a journalist and crew to London and filmed their own show simultaneously in London and Berlin.

This exciting demonstration was created with the help of Masergy, who provided a communications network with exceptional video transport enabling high definition images and sound. Masergy also provided the London studio for the 3D transmission.

“This demonstration represents what is possible when you combine incredible video technology with an advanced video network,” said John Dumbleton, SVP and Managing Director of Masergy.
The possibilities of our new Holographic Telepresence system are endless, as best described by Ian O’Connell himself: “Most telecommunications companies see it mostly for use in the boardroom but we think it can be far more inclusive than that. Because it’s bi-directional both sides interact in real time, so it could work in education where a teacher can be transmitted to a class of two or three hundred but by using touch screen technology, she could home in on any PC for one to one with a particular student. Churches can transmit charismatic preachers, prisoners can have visits with their families in their own living rooms, engineers and inventors can collaborate, entertainers can appear in nightclubs to launch a new album in 1,000 music stores simultaneously or your front room and the possibilities for politicians are obvious. What the implications are for dating I dread to think. If you think the internet transformed everything, if you think You Tube and MySpace are great, where will this go?”

Check out http://www.musion.co.uk for further information.

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Blogger Editor said...

This is incredible technology.

One thing I wondered is if the signal sent over the net, from the hologram source/person to the destination that projects their hologram image, can be 'captured' or stored digitally in some fashion?

Being able to project a holographic image 'live' from one spot on the planet to another is great, but would you be able to save the data and project the same holographic speech (or whatever) at a later date?

I'm just thinking of the possibilities if that technology was available 50 years ago, allowing people today to watch a 3D hologram performance of Elvis Presley, 'The Beatles', or Frank Sinatra... or a speech by John F Kennedy, or performances by comedians like Laurel & Hardy, or George Burns.

Similarly we could 'capture' holographic performances from popular celebrities and politicians from today for future generations to see.

This would be the 21 Century equivalent to Steven Spielberg's "Holocaust documentation project" where he taped interviews with Holocaust survivors to preserve them digitally for museums and future generations to see.

A 3D hologram of such people telling their stories, while appearing to sit right in a person's living room, would have an even greater impact.

Just a thought.

- Steve

25 November 2008 at 19:36  

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