Thursday, 6 November 2008

CNN Hologram - Telstra Live Holographic Projection by Musion Eyeliner

In relation to the recent CNN Hologram news, Telstra in May 2008 beamed a live hologram of a senior staff member between Melbourne and Adelaide in what has been billed as an Australian first. Telstra chief technology officer Dr Hugh Bradlow, based in Melbourne, appeared at a business function in Adelaide as a real-time hologram and interacted with members of the audience for around 15 minutes, the company said. "We've all seen this sort of thing in futuristic sci-fi movies, but the reality is that it can be done here and now, as we have just demonstrated," said David Thodey of Telstra's enterprise and government department. The event was carried out by Musion Systems Limited, in conjunction with their regional partners.

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