Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Al Gore Hologram - Live Earth

Al Gore launched Live Earth Tokyo – as a hologram using Musion® Eyeliner™ Holographic Projection. After a stirring introduction by Lumi, the virtual-reality singer of Genki Rockets, a head-to-toe-likeness of the former U.S. Vice President materialized on stage.

He shared urgent yet hopeful words to the crowd gathered at Makuhari Messe. The holographic Gore had an expression of amazement as he delivered the following words:‘What an amazing world we live in – I love it that I can stand here on this stage in Tokyo and speak to you in holographic form. It is astounding that in just these recent few decades we have invented technologies that enable us to connect and instantly communicate our ideas and intentions with people on the other side of the globe.’

Check out www.musion.co.uk for further information.

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Blogger Carolina Lou said...

This looks perfect. All these details are made with a lot of background knowledge about. I just love it. Holography is "lensless photography" in which an image is captured not as an image focused on film, but as an interference pattern on the film. Typically, coherent light from a laser is reflected from an object and combined at the film with light from a reference beam. I also have seen this type of holographic display in Olomagic

27 September 2014 at 06:35  

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