Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Musion Eyeliner Technical Overview

Musion® Eyeliner™ System incorporates some very simple video principles and all equipment used is readily available to hire and purchase.

The primary components of an Eyeliner™ set up are:
A video projector, preferably DLP with an HD card/minimum native resolution of 1400 x 1050 and brightness of 7000+ lumens. Shop windows, trade stands or other kinds of installations in areas of high ambient light require LED wall of 6mm or 4mm pitch as the video source.

For smaller cabinet installations, a high quality TFT Plasma or LCD screen can also be used. A hard-disc player with 1920 x 1080i HD graphics card, Apple or PC video server, DVD player. Musion® Eyeliner™ Foil and a stage set, lighting and audio as required.Show controller (on site or remote).

Subjects are filmed in HDTV and broadcast on to the foil through HDTV projection systems, driven by HD Mpeg2 digital hard disc players, or uncompressed full HD cam decks or HD Digital Video Servers.

The setup can be erected within a self-contained four-legged ground support or a bespoke cabinet. Alternatively, the foil can be stretched into a truss framework and flown from its own hanging points.

In either configuration, Eyeliner™ allows for a full working stage or set to be constructed behind the foil. As such, live actors or performers are able to interact with other projected images in such a way that it appears to the audience that all of the objects they are seeing are on stage.

It is therefore entirely possible to have a live performer sing a duet with a ‘virtual’ partner, a cartoon character or even their projected double.

All the images used on an Eyeliner™ system appear as three-dimensional images, but are projected as two-dimensional images (2D/3D) into a 3D stage set. The mind of the audience created the 3D illusion. This means that production costs are minimal, needing only the single camera lens for filming and a single projector for the playback.

Check out www.musion.co.uk for further information.

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